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ClickBank Manager for Joomla

Make money while you sleep!

This component gives you the cutting edge on Joomla 1.5! Sell content through ClickBank and automate the delivery of digital goods.

Secure your downloads, and keep track of customers and orders after their purchase on ClickBank.

Price: 15$

Instant Notification service (INS) is ClickBank's interface for handling real-time purchase confirmation and server-to-server communications. INS delivers notification and confirmation of ClickBank payments you receive.

Features Overview

Feature 1
Automate Product Delivery

After each sale your products are automaticly send to the customer. Specific instructions can be defined with each product. Make money while you sleep!

Feature 1
Manage Products

Add products and messages so you can provide your customers with realtime payment transactions and downloadable goods. Goods are automaticly attached to confirmation emails.

Feature 1
Manage Transactions

All messages and transactions from ClickBank INS are stored and displayed inside your Joomla website. You can monitor transactions, calculate revenues and immediately spot problems.

Feature 1
SMS notifications

Create an account at at enable SMS notifications. You are now able to receive instant SMS notifications whenever you sell a product through ClickBank Manager for Joomla. The first 10 messages at are free, so try it out!.

Feature 1
View Logs

Monitor your logs and instantly spot ClickBank or payment problems.

How to buy

With our automated payment and delivery process, you could be downloading and installing your new component in under five minutes! We use PayPal as our payment processor. It is one of the most preferred payment methods on the internet. You are not obligated to sign up with PayPal, so you can also just make a onetime purchase using your favorite creditcard.